This section is about some of the characters involved in Model Railways over the years

Model Railway Manufacturers

Frank Hornby

Frank Hornby was born in Liverpool in 1863. Although he worked as a clerk in a meat importers he from a child had an intrest in Engineering and Railways. His intrest in Engineering laed to his first move into business, with the product Mechanics made Easy which later became Meccano.

Model Railways came soon after World War 1 with the launch of Clockwork Model Trains in O Gauge. By the 1920's Electric trains followed. In the 30's a move to a smaller scale came with the launch of Hornby Dublo. In the meantime Frank Hornby now a millionare took to politics in the early 1930's he was elected to parliment as an MP however in 1936 his health deteriarated he died on 21st September. that year.

His name still lives on in one of the largest Model Railway Businesses Hornby Railways.

More information on Frank Hornby can be found at Frank Hornby.com



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